Un bambino grida - Si è fatto male?

Sul ‘linguaggio d’azione’ di Condillac

  • Arturo Martone Università di Napoli “L'Orientale”


The essay offers a revisitation of the category of Language of Action (LdA), with reference to the work of E.B. de Condillac. In particular, it highlights several features providing evidence that the Language of Action not only dates back to the dawn of mankind, but also continues to arise even within molthe languages already designated by Condillac as ‘articulated languages’. In order to focus on this specificity of Language of Action, the essay avails itself of a passage from the Philosophische Untersuchungen by L. Wittgenstein, where it is shown that a person’s ‘cry’ is produced unintentionally and has to be interpreted as such by whoever perceives it. Once the ‘cry’ is translated into articulated sounds, its form and status as a sign will change.

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