Saggezza arcaica ed etica contemporanea

Alcune riflessioni

  • Fabio Stella Università di Roma «La Sapienza»


Like all the other Greek «Verbs-of-Knowledge», also φρονἐω as an originally a practical-reactive meaning, typical of the archaic oral culture: «acting effectively». When writing starts spreading, the meanings of the verb assume a more abstract and interiorized value. Nowadays, thanks to the renewed oral quality of electronic media, the same transformation is taking place, but in the opposite way: from abstract (focus on the meaning) to concrete (highly conative and deictic value of the word/image). Even «being wise» turns back to being paratactic and formular, producing immediate action patterns, rather than general regulatory principles. The parallelism (far from perfect) between primary and secondary orality highlights the role of techno-linguistic revolutions in the transformation of the notion of «wisdom », otherwise depending only on economic or socio-political changes, or broad cultural evolution.

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