Qu’est-ce que l’epiprepeia (ἐπιπρέπεια) en physiognomonie?

  • Arnaud Zucker Université de Nice, CNRS


This paper argues against the traditional and rather loose interpretation of the concept of ἐπιπρέπεια in the aristotelian Physiognomonica. The term does point out neither «physical harmony» or «congruity», nor «overall appearance», but the obvious and nearly spontaneous expression of the yuchv through the sw'ma. By analyzing all the occurrences of the word in the physiognomic corpus we show how this idea of an immediate expressivity of some signs, which is a crucial intuition of the ancient physiognomic perspective, match not only the aristotelian meaning of ἐπιπρέπεια but also the late use of the word in Adamantios and the Anonymus Latinus.

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